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Personalised Solid Bath Oil Box – Banks Lyon Botanical

Personalised Solid Bath Oil Box


Treat your Valentine to a collection of three solid bath oil bars infused with a range of essential oils to balance, detox and uplift.

One bar can be personalised with a name for that really special touch. All bars contain our blend of cocoa and shea butters with Almond and Vitamin E oils to deeply moisturise the skin while leaving it nourished and super-soft. Leave them feeling revived and relaxed from head to toe.

The bar collection comes housed in our wooden gift box with a “It was always you” Valentine sleeve.

Each 100g bar provides approximately 6-8 baths, simply break a few pieces and add to a warm bath…lay back and relax.

Rose Geranium & Sunflower : This bar is designed to be both mentally and physically balancing, uplifting and regulating.

Mint, Ginger & Rosemary : Harnessing the power of nature’s greatest detoxifiers, this bar will remove build-ups of toxins, impurities and pollutants leaving the body restored, cleansed and healthier.

Lemongrass & Sweet Orange : Our wild-harvested lemongrass is a natural antioxidant and will leave you with a clear head. This blended with sweet orange to promote happiness, warmth while reducing anxiety and boosting mood.

Storage: During warmer months, you will need to keep your bath oils in a cool dry place or they may melt.